Blue Christmas Services Can be a Peaceful Choice

Blue Christmas Services Can be a Peaceful Choice

Posted by Lisa Brookfield on Dec 16, 2016

Blue Christmas Services Can be a Peaceful Choice

Many times in our lives we yearn for solace and comfort -- but this yearning is perhaps the strongest when we face the loss of a loved one. Holiday traditions and rituals we have loved can feel hollow when they have been associated with someone who is no longer with us. Feelings of isolation, grief and despair are common for people at holiday time. One practice that offers hope and renewal is the Blue Christmas church service.

Blue Christmas or Longest Night services are typically held in December -- sometimes on the solstice or longest night of the year. A Blue Christmas service is a solemn, reflective service specifically designed for those suffering from grief and loss. Blue Christmas services focus on the comfort and light God offers during dark times. Knowing that the other attendees are in the same situation can be a relief as you do not need to ìpretendî to be happy or joyful at this time of year if you are not. Yet you can still draw comfort from the peaceful tone of the service and sharing the experience with others.

How to Find a Blue Christmas Service in Your Area

  • Search the web using the name of your home town with keywords such as: Blue Christmas, Service of Light, or Longest Night church services
  • Check with local grief support agencies
  • Ask your clergyman if a service is offered
  • Local event calendars may list special holiday services

*Poem courtesy of Rachel Barenblat via Velveteen Rabbi's website.

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