Express Feelings with the Language of Flowers

Express Feelings with the Language of Flowers

Posted by Lisa Brookfield on May 26, 2017

Express Feelings with the Language of Flowers

Though it dates back to much earlier times, flower symbology became popularized in the late 1800s by Queen Victoria. She was enamored with this fashionable communication, known then as the language of flowers. Victorian culture adored the symbolic meaning of flowers with many books on the topic published during this era. A flower bouquet could convey very precise and meaningful messages of love, devotion, and even sorrow.

Most people know that a red rose signifies passionate love. And while lilies are commonly seen at funerals, you might not know that they symbolize the rebirth of the soul. For every flower there can be a subtle story to tell. Some might find comfort in knowing this extra meaning when selecting flowers for a grieving friend or family.

Here are some lesser-known flower meanings:

                    Zinnias express thoughts of absent friends
                    Gladiolas can signify remembrance
                    Snapdragons for strength
Queen Anneís Lace conveys sanctuary and delicateness
Statice is associated with sympathy
Marigolds for grief
Purple Hyacinth for sorrow

Is symbolism comforting to you?

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