How to Save Money on Cremation Urns

How to Save Money on Cremation Urns

Posted by Lisa Brookfield on Jan 27, 2016

Most people wish that money was no object when planning a funeral or memorial to a loved one, but the truth is that almost all families must consider costs -- and that includes the cost of the cremation urn itself. The experts at Stardust Memorials would reassure any family that there are beautiful, quality cremation urns at many price points -- including many cremation urns under $100.

Selecting a cremation urn that fits your budget can be easier than you think. Stardust Memorials shares the following tips to consider as you make a selection.

Here are four tips to save money on cremation urns:

4. Select a less expensive urn material. Urn materials affect the price of the urn: genuine marble urns will cost more than cultured urns, brass urns will cost more than aluminum urns, etc. Many urns of less expensive materials are still durable and beautiful.

3. Customize it! Choose a simple brass urn and customize it with engraving options (names, dates, even artwork) that reflect the personality of a beloved family member. Creating an urn that pays tribute to the unique person he or she was in life is priceless.

2. Don't overlook sales and coupons on cremation urns. Look for coupon codes, 'on sale' items, and special offers such as free shipping. Those deals may make a more expensive urn fall within your budget.

1. Shop online for cremation urns. The number one way to save money on a cremation urn is to shop online. Funeral homes prices are typically 50-70% higher. Many online urn stores have similar urns such as wood urns, marble urns, and brass urns. Compare the total cost of some cremation urns you like from different online stores. Be sure to consider the cost of the urn plus any engraving and the shipping cost. (See our blog post about shopping online for urns)

With some basic planning, use of resources, and shopping around, a family can pay loving tribute to a relative while still honoring a budget. And to save a little more, take advantage of free shipping options. Urns can be heavy and costly to ship. Stardust Memorials offers free ground shipping. Our orders conveniently ship the same day--even with engraving--if placed before 2:00 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

For more information about how you find a beautiful urn at a price that fits your budget, call us at (888) 872-0228. Our customer service department is ready to speak to you and assist you with your needs from 9am to 10pm, seven days a week. They have helped thousands of families find the perfect memorial product(s) for their loved one and would be honored to do the same for you.