Filling and Sealing Your Cremation Jewelry

Filling and Sealing Your Cremation Jewelry

Jul 30, 2022

Our customers are sometimes nervous about putting ashes in the memorial jewelry item they've purchased. With a few simple tips, this process can be easy.

Check out our helpful video: How to Fill Cremation Jewelry

cremation jewelry filling supplies

What You'll Need

Cremation necklace and pendant*



Mini funnel*

Flat head screwdriver

Plastic spoon

Soft cloth or towel

*Included with every Stardust Memorials

How to Fill Cremation Jewelry or Pendant

1. Lay your cremation pendant and tools on a soft cloth or towel. 

The small parts of the pendant can be hard to handle. A cloth underneath means you won't lose or damage anything if you drop it.cremation necklace

2. Open and close the screw that lets you access the compartment a few times. 

Make sure the screw turns smoothly. If needed, you can use tiny pliers or tiny screwdrivers sold for adjusting eyeglasses.

3. Use the funnel in your kit and place it in the access hole. 

4. Gently shake a very small amount of ashes into the funnel and into the piece. Start small and do not fill to the top. Add another very small amount if desired.

5. Use a toothpick or straight pin to clear the threads of the screw and the threads in the access hole of any ashes. 

6. Put the screw back in and close.

How to Seal Cremation Jewelry

We recommend permanently sealing your cremation pendant. Here are 5 simple steps to securely glue your cremation necklace.

1. Open and close the screw off the filled pendant a few times before attempting to glue. 

2. Make sure it closes correctly. 

3. If the screw is on the pendant bail, make sure the chain goes through and lays straight before attempting to glue. 

4. Once you are ready, place a very tiny amount of glue on the threads and screw closed immediately. 

5. Super-glue dries very fast and can prevent closure (and ruin your piece) if you don't act fast.

With these few simple steps, filling and sealing your cremation pendant will go smoothly. You will have a piece of memorial jewelry that will always mean a lot to you.