Funeral Etiquette in an Online World

Funeral Etiquette in an Online World

Posted by Lisa Brookfield on Jun 09, 2017

Know your funeral etiquette for social media and online interactions

We live in a hyper-connected time. The internet age developed fairly quickly from a human history perspective, and some of us may feel a bit behind the times when it comes to what is appropriate. Here are some tips for using social media and other online tools while organizing a funeral and grieving. 

  1.  Announcement of death: If you are the next of kin, you may choose to announce the death via social media outlets in order to reach as many people as possible. However, it is a good idea to contact close family and friends in person before posting messages online. 
  2.  Live stream of funeral service: Many funeral homes offer a simulcast of funeral services for those who live far away or cannot attend services. An online memorial site allows far-flung friends and family to post messages: Some memorial sites and obituary providers function as a virtual guest book for the funeral service. A quick google search for ëonline memorialsí reveals many services like NeverGone and imorial if your funeral home doesnít offer this service.
  3. Online grief support communities: Online communities can be a source of great comfort for the grieving. Whatís Your Grief is a blog and support community that is recommended by several members of the Stardust Memorials staff. 

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