Most Common Engraved Phrases for Cremation Urns

Most Common Engraved Phrases for Cremation Urns

Nov 21, 2022

Personalizing an urn with a name, dates, and artwork can add meaning and bring comfort. A phrase such as Beloved Mom & Grandma or his favorite quote can create a truly personal memorial. Funny text and art can honor lighthearted loved ones while other icons can show respect for a person's values or religious faith. 

The Stardust Memorials engraving staff has put together a helpful list of common phrases and formats to consider when personalizing your loved one's cremation urn. 

Most Common Engraved Inscriptions 

Top 5 Traditional Engraved Phrases: 

Forever in our Hearts / Always in our Hearts 

Forever Loved / Always Loved Rest in Peace 

Beloved (Mother, Father, Brother, etc.) 

In (Loving) Memory of 

Top 5 Trending Engraved Phrases: 

In God's Care Rest in Heaven 

Best Mom / Dad Ever 

My Dad / Mom, My Hero 

{A Biblical Verse of one's choosing} 

Common Date Formats 

Dates can be written in many different formats from the traditional mm/dd/yyyy format to spelling out the months in full such as October 24, 2022. Before you decide how you would like it engraved, consider the size or engraveable space available on the urn. While urns for ashes such as our Cultured Marble Urns or Wood Urns have a large area to engrave the full month, smaller sized cremation urns like Keepsake Urns would only have room for the years (i.e. yyyy - yyyy). 

Recommendations for Date Formats: 

1/11/1947 - 10/23/2016 

1/11/47 - 10/23/16 

September 21, 1921 - February 3, 2008 

1921 - 2008 

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At Stardust Memorials, we offer five different styles of fonts. Most people opt for Times Roman, but Clarendon is another popular choice. Some fonts look more charming on some urns than others -- for instance, our engraving staff prefers the look of Times Roman on cultured marble urns, while they prefer Clarendon on metal and brass urns. 

At Stardust Memorials, we take personalization a step further. When we receive an order with engraving options, we make sure everything is exactly what the family envisions. If it seems like a name has been inadvertently misspelled, we take the time to call the individual who placed the order to double check that the spelling is correct. 

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Engraved Urn Example

Adding custom engraved artwork on your cremation urn is a wonderful way to express your loved one's personality, hobby, interests or faith. The artwork should compliment the engraved text and balance the proportions of the urn.

Our expert engravers take time to make sure the details of your urn are beautiful and, of course, error free.

The Top 5 Funniest Engraved Phrases

And just because we all need a laugh from time to time, our staff also wanted to share the top five funniest phrases that we've engraved on urns. What better way to make an exit, than to leave everyone laughing! 

Zero% Body Fat, Baby! 

I Finally Found My Niche 

Just Breathe 

Miserable, thank you 

Beam me up, Scotty

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