Pet Memorials: What options do you have?

Pet Memorials: What options do you have?

Jan 23, 2023

Even after a pet has passed away, the bond between owner and pet is still felt. The moments and experiences you shared live on through memories and little daily reminders. Here at Stardust Memorials, we specialize in creating everlasting reminders of your beloved pet. First and foremost, we want to assure you that our unbelievable caring staff of experts is here to help. We talk to people every single day going through the loss of a beloved pet. We are here to assist with your pet’s memorial in any way we can.

Everyone likes to have a reminder of a loved one that impacted their life. We offer several different remembrance options in terms of burials, displays and daily reminders. In the case of a family pet, displays or daily reminders can be as simple as a photo, collar or a necklace. Stardust Memorials offers a wide range of pet cremation necklaces. Cremation necklaces aren’t always used for the cremains of a loved one. Many people put a lock of hair, burial soil, or another item to be sealed inside. Our necklaces can be personalized with your pet's name or initials. Honor them with a daily reminder of the impact they had on your life.

  Paw Print Keychain  Paw Print Heart Cremation Jewelry  Paw Print Cylinder Necklace for Ashes  Inside My Heart Cremation Jewelry

Another popular option is to scatter your pets ashes. This is usually done at a place where they loved to play or at a place you always wanted to take them. Scattering tubes provide an accessible way of transporting the ashes, spreading them, and having something to keep for yourself to remind you of them. Scattering tubes are eco-friendly and contain no metal or plastic components.

Scattering Tubes

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Lastly, we offer pet cremation urns. They are available in a wide range of colors, shapes and sizes. Urns can work in many different ways. Some people display the urn on a shelf or mantle, others use the urn as a burial container. Some families divide the ashes between family members, others simply want something to represent their pet regardless if it holds cremains or not.

While you know the impact your pet had on your life, think about the impact you had on their life. They loved that they were part of the family. They know you were always looking out for them and you did what was best for them. Pets have the ability to love us unconditionally; always happy to greet us when we’ve been away, cheer us up when we are sad and protect us when we are in danger. Pets want to be loved and cherished just like people do. They want us to remember them but also know that it’s ok to love again.

Keeping a loved one's memory in your heart is more difficult as time passes. Time provides the soul a way to heal from grief and loss but it’s only when time has passed that we realize our memories have faded and our stories have become forgotten. Your pet's life doesn’t have to become forgotten, its story doesn’t have to become a faded memory that will be forgotten over time. Discover new ways to remember them and have their memory live on. 

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