Preplanning Your Funeral - 6 Resources to Get You Started

Preplanning Your Funeral - 6 Resources to Get You Started

Mar 21, 2023

Planning for one's own funeral may seem like a morbid or uncomfortable task, but it can actually be a thoughtful and considerate gesture towards one's loved ones. By preplanning your funeral, you can make sure that your final wishes are respected and that your loved ones are spared from making difficult decisions during a time of grief. 

Fortunately, there are a variety of online resources available to help you preplan your funeral. Here are a few examples: 

Funeral Consumers Alliance 

This is a non-profit organization that provides information and resources for preplanning a funeral. They have a state-by-state directory of funeral planning organizations and offer information on funeral costs, legal rights, and funeral planning. 


This is an online resource that offers a free funeral planning guide, which includes information on preplanning your funeral, selecting a funeral home, and creating a funeral service. 


When you create a free Cake plan, you’ll get a personalized end-of-life planning checklist that walks you through each step of the process to keep you on track. Cake helps you create many of these documents, or securely upload and share documents that you may already have with your loved ones.


This website offers free online funeral planning tools, including a funeral planning checklist and a funeral cost estimator. 

National Funeral Directors Association 

This is a professional association for funeral directors that provides resources for preplanning a funeral, including a checklist for preplanning and a directory of funeral homes. 


This organization offers resources for end-of-life planning, including a funeral planning checklist and information on how to prepay for your funeral.

These resources can provide information and tools to help you make decisions about your funeral arrangements, from selecting a funeral home to choosing music and readings for the service. In this way, preplanning your funeral can be a personal and meaningful process, and these resources can help you navigate the process with ease and confidence.