Taking Cremation Urns on Planes

Taking Cremation Urns on Planes

Sep 10, 2021

Urns on Planes

Did you know that some urns are not scannable and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) wonít open an urn to inspect the contents? What this means for travelers with the ashes of a loved one is that some extra thought has to go into choosing an appropriate urn or temporary container in order to fly and get to your destination without added stress.

Tips and suggestions for traveling by airplane with a loved oneís ashes:

      • Check with the airline first to see if they allow funeral urns to be checked with luggage or if you have to carry them onboard. Airline policies can differ.
      • Let the security professionals know that you are traveling with human ashes.
      • Consider shipping the chosen cremation urn ahead to your final destination and traveling with the ashes in a temporary container provided by the funeral home or crematorium. These temporary containers often are cardboard or wood and can be scanned by security.
      • Any material that presents an opaque image will not be allowed through security. Choose an urn that is wood, plastic / resin, or cardboard / paper. These materials can be x-rayed and will allow the security personnel to view the contents of the cremation urn. Stardust Memorials has a line of Cultured Marble cremation urns that meet this requirement.
      • Carry the Certificate of Death or cremation certificate with you and consider attaching a copy to the container of ashes (especially if you will be separated from the urn while it is in checked luggage).

What is likely to be an emotional journey doesnít have to result in added problems and worry. A few phone calls and pre-planning can avoid problems and delays to your trip. You can find additional information on flying with human ashes and cremation urns at the websites in the Sources section below. 

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (888) 872-0228. We can discuss which cremations urns available on our website would be suitable for your trip.
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