5 Things to Know When Working With A Funeral Home

5 Things to Know When Working With A Funeral Home

Posted by Lisa Brookfield on May 13th 2016

5 Things To Know When Working With A Funeral Home

Sadly, for many of us the subject of death is taboo. We just donít talk about it -- yet, it happens to us all. At some point, you may have to make funeral arrangements for a loved one. Few people approach this task with prior knowledge and experience which can complicate an already challenging time. In this post, Stardust Memorials shares information about some of your options and choices as you work with a funeral home -- in the hope that it will help you through this uncharted territory. 

Here are 5 tips on arranging a memorial service or funeral through a funeral home.

  1. Ask for a price list. Under the law, you can request pricing information for services over the phone without giving out your name and contact information. You also may request in person a General Price List which will outline all of the costs per item/service.
  2. Know your rights. You have the right to view a written price list of caskets before viewing them. Funeral Homes must give you an itemized invoice before you engage their services. There should be no hidden costs or charges added on at a later date.
  3. Caskets can be rented. If choosing cremation, you can rent a casket from the funeral home for a service and/or viewing. Families are not required to purchase a casket for cremation. You may use an alternative casket for cremation. Funeral homes are required by law to make these options available to you. 

  4. Shop around. Funeral homes must accept cremation urns that families purchase elsewhere. You are not required to buy products from the funeral home. You can provide your own as long as it meets state standards. Stardust Memorials has a range of cremation urns to suit all personalities, styles, and budgets.
  5. Purchase only what you need. The law does not require embalming services for burial or cremation -- typically refrigeration is adequate. Some funeral homes insist on embalming when there will be a viewing. You can ask the funeral director if private family viewing is allowed without embalming.
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