What is Cremation Jewelry?

Cremation jewelry--also know as necklaces for ashes or memorial jewelry--is a fairly new idea. A jewelry item--usually a pendant--is designed with a small compartment inside that can be accessed through a very tiny screw. The small compartment is opened,  and a small amount of cremation ashes from a loved one are placed inside the pendant and sealed in. The pendant can then be worn like any other kind of jewelry on a chain or cord. Cremation jewelry designs vary widely from the very popular sterling silver heart pendants to special themed designs like the Infinity Pendant.

Many clients choose to engrave initials, dates or short messages like "Mom" on the pendants. Some clients choose to use the compartment differently--putting in sand or earth from a place special to their loved one.

What Do People Say about Cremation Jewelry

One client talked about how comforting it is to have even a small part of her husband with her at all times in such as discreet way. Another client gave small hearts to all of her granddaughters filled with sand from their family cottage and engraved the name of the town on it so they would always remember special times there.

Some clients find the idea of cremation jewelry a bit off-putting and don't like the idea of keeping back some of the ashes for this purpose.

How to Fill a Cremation Jewelry Pendant with Ashes

1. You can ask your funeral director or crematorium professional to fill and seal the pendant for you.

2. All of our pendants come with a filling and sealing kit. You can do it yourself if you feel comfortable. A small funnel is included to transfer the ashes (sometimes as little as half teaspoon) as well as a super glue type product to seal the pendant once the ashes are securely inside.

Would cremation jewelry be meaningful to you?