Alternatives Uses for Cremation Jewelry

Alternatives Uses for Cremation Jewelry

Posted by Lisa Brookfield on Feb 18, 2016

With the rise in cremation rates, cremation jewelry also has become more popular. Memorial jewelry is not a new idea -- in fact it dates back as far as the 16th century. Also referred to as memory pendants, sentimental or mourning jewelry, and keepsake jewelry, these pieces were worn to keep a memory of an absent person close to the heart as an expression of love, loss, and identity. Throughout history, various designs and types of memorial jewelry have been in fashion -- pins, earrings, rings, lockets, and pendants -- and these jewelry items did not always contain ashes. 

Memorial Jewelry became widely worn during the Victorian Era and was very popular for grieving women, even becoming fashionable, as Queen Victoria wore a mourning dress and jewelry after the death of her beloved husband, Prince Albert (1861-1887). At this time, memorial jewelry was created mostly from jet (fossilized coal) and didnít usually hold ashes -- cremation wasnít a typical practice. It was worn more as a statement of love, memory, and grief.

For a time, memorial jewelry faded from use, but with the rise in cremation, the popularity of this type of jewelry has returned. If the thought of wearing cremated remains doesnít appeal to you, you can still gain the comfort of wearing a memorial item but fill it and/or use it in different ways.

Cremation jewelry is not just for ashes.

3 Comforting Ways to use Stardust Memorialsí memorial pendants and necklaces:

1.     Flowers - Place dried funeral flowers, scattering petals, a favorite flower, or maybe Forget-Me-Not flower petals in the hidden compartment of a cremation jewelry pendant.

2.     Sand/Soil - A small pinch of soil from a meaningful place, graveside, or favorite beach can be placed in a cremation jewelry pendant as a way to keep a memory alive. Maybe the pinch of soil can be from a place where you first met or were married?

3.    Photograph & Lock of Hair- A small photo combined with a lock of hair -- instead of ashes -- in a locket for ashes necklace is a traditional expression of love and commitment.

To further remember a loved one, select one of our engraveable cremation jewelry pendants -- not only can you hold a sentimental memory inside the pendant, but you can engrave the initials of a loved one to keep them memorialized forever.

Or consider these unusual memorial jewelry options: memorial diamonds made of ash, bullet cremation jewelry pendant, fingerprint memory pendant, glass beads infused with cremation ashes, flask cremation jewelry pendant, and antique mourning jewelry. Whatever your comfort level -- ashes, hair, flowers, sand, there is a wearable token of love and remembrance for you to bring comfort and celebrate a close connection.