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Cremation Jewelry

  • Necklaces for Ashes Necklaces for Ashes
    Cremation jewelry includes pendants or necklaces that can hold a small amount of cremation ashes. These pieces are handcrafted of sterling silver in many shapes and designs so you can find one that reminds you of your loved one. The compartment is discreet in cremation jewelry so that no one needs to know that it holds ashes.
  • Cross Cremation Jewelry Cross Cremation Jewelry
    Cross cremation jewelry hold ashes and express religious faith in the shape of the cross. Cross pendants for ashes come with chains and are made of sterling silver and or stainless steel. Popular designs include Silver Bevel Cross Pendant for Ashes, Wrapped Cross Ash Pendant, and Cylinder with Cross Cremation Jewelry and Chain.
  • Cylinder Cremation Jewelry Cylinder Cremation Jewelry
    Among cremation jewelry for ashes, cylinder pendants for ashes are among the most popular with families wanting to honor a loved one. With cylinder cremation jewelry, you open the screw and fill with a small amount of ashes. Cylinder necklaces for ashes can be etched with all-over designs, have a cross engraved on them, or be simple and plain. Cylinder cremation jewelry comes in sterling silver and stainless steel.
  • Gemstone Cremation Jewelry Gemstone Cremation Jewelry
    Gemstone cremation jewelry are pendants for ashes with extra sparkle due to a white or colored gemstone being inset into the piece. Popular designs for gemstone jewelry for ashes include the Heart with Stones Pendant for Ashes, the Gemstone Pillar Cremation Jewelry Blue, and the Gemstone Heart Cremation Jewelry in almost any color.
  • Heart Cremation Jewelry Heart Cremation Jewelry
    By far the most popular designs in cremation jewelry are Heart Cremation Jewelry Pendants for Ashes. Heart Cremation Jewelry can express enduring love while holding inside a small amount of ashes of a loved one. Heart necklaces for ashes are offered in sterling silver and stainless steel. A best seller is the Heart Angel Wings Cremation Necklace.
  • Nature Cremation Jewelry Nature Cremation Jewelry
    Nature cremation jewelry are pendants that hold ashes and have natural shapes. Common designs in nature necklaces for ashes are flower cremation jewelry, butterfly cremation jewelry, and dove cremation jewelry.
  • Pet Cremation Jewelry Pet Cremation Jewelry
    Pet Cremation Jewelry are necklaces for ashes that hold the cremated remains of a pet, dog or cat. Pet cremation jewelry often have a paw print design. Pet pendants for ashes come in sterling silver and stainless steel and include a chain.
  • Symbols Cremation Jewelry Symbols Cremation Jewelry
    Symbols cremation jewelry are necklaces for ashes that are designed in shapes such as teardrop and infinity.