Product Spotlight: Cultured Marble Urns

Product Spotlight: Cultured Marble Urns

Jan 23, 2023

Cultured marble urns are a great option for those looking to bury their loved ones’ cremated ashes as well as those looking to display a beautiful memorial in their home.

Cultured marble cremation urns have been growing in popularity as more families chose cremation.

Let’s break down why cultured marble urns are more popular than ever and what makes them unique.

Cultured marble urns provide a timeless look that no other urn can quite match. It’s an extremely versatile product that comes in a beautiful variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Every urn is hand sculpted and features a threaded seal on the bottom for easy access to the ashes inside.

Its marble glossy look is as elegant as it is bold and projects a luxurious appearance while maintaining an affordable price tag.

Since cultured marble urns aren’t natural marble, the look is achieved with a blend of genuine crushed stone combined with resin and colored pigments to make a highly durable urn that will stand the test of time whether kept in the home, placed in a niche, or buried in the earth.


As cultured marble urns aren’t made of solid quarried stone, they are much lighter and more affordable than natural marble. The average price of a cultured marble urn averages between $199-$249. While natural marble or stone urns can be upwards of $450 or more. Not only are they less expensive than natural and stone urns are, but they are also less expensive than glass and some brass urns as well.

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The construction of our cultured marble urns allows it to qualify with most funeral homes as a ground burial; this saves you the extra cost of having to buy an urn vault. All urns Stardust Memorials offer whether aluminum, brass or wood are built to last; our Cultured Marble urns take it one step farther. They will never deteriorate or biodegrade; they are built to last forever. When you place your loved one ashes in a cultured marble urn you know they are in a safe place. 

Our cultured marble urns are completely X-rayable. This means when traveling with the urn you won’t need to open the urn at any time. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has approved these urns as carry-on luggage.

Since the outside of a Cultured Marble urn is smooth; we are able to personalize in great detail. Depending on the product we can engrave on the front and top of the urn. The size of the urn also plays into engraving. The larger the urn, the more lines that can be engraved on it. Most offer four lines of engraving with up to thirty characters per line. Lastly, we offer the option to add artwork. This ranges from peace doves to crosses. See below for the most popular choices.

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