Cremation Jewelry

You can hold a loved one close to your heart with cremation jewelry. Cremation jewelry -- also called memorial jewelry or ash jewelry -- offers a discreet compartment to hold a small amount of ashes.

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Cremation jewelry has a compartment to hold a small amount of the ashes of a loved one. Many people are comforted by wearing cremation jewelry to the memorial service, on special occasions, or every day in his or her memory.

Cremation Jewelry ~ Frequently Asked Questions

What is cremation jewelry?

Cremation jewelry -- also called memorial jewelry or urn jewelry -- are pendants that hold cremated remains. Cremation jewelry allows you to keep a loved one close to your heart. Made of similar materials to your favorite jewelry items, cremation jewelry is usually crafted in beautiful styles of sterlng silver or stainless steel.

What styles of cremation jewelry are available?

Hundreds of jewelry designs from angels to motorcycles allow you to find the right necklace for ashes to remember your loved one. Many cremation jewelry pendants are accented with gemstones, inlays of mother of pearl, sparkling crystals, and embossed elements. Among our most popular cremation jewelry pendants are the Turquoise Teardrop Cremation Jewelry, the Always in My Heart Cremation Jewelry, and Heart Angel Wings Cremation Necklace. Stardust Memorials offers memorial jewelry to fit any budget from simple pendants under $50 to premium designs around $150. With so many cremation necklace options, you can find a piece that really captures your feelings and style.

Can you engrave cremation jewelry?

Many styles of cremation jewelry can be engraved with initials or a short phrase. Personalization can make the piece more meaningful.

How do I fill my cremation jewelry with the ashes?

Every cremation jewelry item we sell includes a filling kit and instructions to help you fill your precious piece. We highly recommend that you lay out a soft towel and gather the ashes, the jewelry item, and our filling kit. You will open your piece carefully. Next you set aside the tiny screw or bail in a safe place. Then you insert a tiny funnel into the opening and shake a very small amount of cremated remains though the opening and into your pendant. You will clear the threading using a straight pin or toothpick and then re-screw the bail/screw in place slowly. For those who wish to seal the pendant, you will want to apply the adhesive before re-screwing the bail/screw.

How do I care for my cremation ash jewelry?

In general, you care for crmeation jewelry the same way as you would any of your favorite jewelry pieces. You can use a soft cloth designed for jewelry care to keep it clean. Given the precious contents, we recommend avoiding moisture as much as possible. Thus we do not recommend bathing, showering, or swimming while wearing crmeation jewelry as it can cause tarnishing and affect any adhesive used to seal the pendant.