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Popular cremation urns are our best-selling urns with high ratings for their quality and style. These urns are family favorites from traditional brass cremation urns to earth-friendly scattering urns.

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Some cremation urns stand out for their beauty, quality, or special features -- making them popular with today's families. In general, the most popular materials for cremation urns include metal such as brass, marble, and wood. Our top ten urns for ashes are popular not just for their material but also their style, color, and design.

Popular Cremation Urns ~ Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best cremation urns?

The best cremation urns share important traits that make them family favorites. Often these urns are strong and durable -- so that families do not have to worry about the urn lasting over time or being fragile if displayed. Brass urns such as the Platinum Elegance Urn for Ashes or the Classic Pewter Cremation Urn are made of heavy brass. Marble urns such as the Ebony Marble Cremation Urn are made of genuine stone that has been formed by nature and lasted hundreds -- if not thousands -- of years. The best cremation urns are popular for their style as well. Families are naturally drawn to quality craftsmanship of urns such as the Cadence Hand Blown Glass Urn or the Soaring Eagle Inlay Wood Cremation Urn.

What are the top ten urns for ashes?

The top ten urns for ashes are chosen by families again and again and get high marks in reviews. The Classic Three Bands Pewter Urn and the Classic Three Bands Gold Urn are in the top ten urn styles across the United States -- an incredibly popular "classic" style. Stardust Memorials also carries this urn style without the engraved bands -- the Classic Pewter Urn and the Classic Gold Urn. In the top ten of all cremation urns is the Black Elegance Brass Urn with its black base color which is heavily engraved in gold. The Elite Onyx Brass Urn offers a similar look but with less heavy gold details and more space for families who want to engrave personal details. While urns from different manufacturers may differ slightly in the pearl details, the Mother of Pearl Brass Urn would also be in the top ten urns for ashes with its gold finish and inlaid "bands" of mother of pearl.

The next in the top ten would be a series of cultured marble urns: the Cobalt Classic Cultured Marble Urn, the Carrera Classic Cultured Marble Urn, the Emerald Classic Cultured Marble Urn, and the Amethyst Classic Cultured Marble Urn. All are shown on this page.

Rounding out the top ten list would be wood urns esteemed for their comforting box shape and natural, clean style including the Devotion Oak Memorial Chest Urn and the Arden Walnut Wood Urn.

What are the most popular types of urns?

Brass and metal cremation urns are the most popular urns sold. Families appreciate that they are traditional and durable. Metal cremation urns are also popular because most styles can be engraved with a loved one's name and birth / death dates and often artwork as well. Four of our most popular metal urns are: Classic Three Bands Pewter Cremation Urn, the Classic Laurel Pewter Brass Urn, Black Elegance Brass Urn, and the Mother of Pearl Double Band Brass Urn. Cultured marble urns also are very popular -- again for similar reasons of durability and because they can be personalized with engraving. Four of our most popular cultured marble urns are the Cobalt Classic Cultured Marble Urn, the Trajan Cultured Marble Urn - Blue, the Carrera Cultured Marble Urn, and the Sunset Panoramic Cremation Urn. Another group of very popular urns for ashes are keepsake urns -- which are mini size urns that families choose to keep a small reminder of a loved one.

What are the best materials for a cremation urn?

The best materials for ground burial urns are cultured marble, genuine marble or stone, and even heavyweight plastic/resin. Ground burial urns can be evaluated by features such as closure mechanisms, resistance to moisture, and even pounds of top load pressure it can sustain. While many families are looking for secure containment of ashes with ground burial urns, some people want a ground burial urn that releases the ashes into the ground. Those families might want to look at paper/cardboard urns which are meant to biodegrade in a short period of time. The best materials for cremation urns that will be displayed in the home are metal, glass, ceramic, and wood which can be crafted or embellished with gorgeous colors, finishes, and details to evoke a loved one when you look upon it.

What are the most popular colors for cremation urns?

The most popular colors for cremation urns are blue, black, and gray. Red urns and purple urns are also chosen by many families. Because many people choose metal urns, those urns for ashes have finishes such as silver, gold, pewter, and copper with pewter being the most popular urn finish. The most popular wood choices are in the darker range such as walnut and mahogany with fewer families choosing the lighter woods such birch or maple.

What are the features of popular urns for ashes?

Urns for ashes can be popular due to specific features. Durability is one of the top criteria that families look for (unless they are planning an eco friendly farewell with a scattering urn or biodegradable urn). Designs or themes can make some urns popular such as heavily engraved patterns, angels, or a golf design to honor a golfer. The ability of the urn to be sealed or locked with a key is a feature of popular urns for ashes.

What are the top rated cremation urns for sale at Stardust Memorials?

The ratings and reviews for the top rated urns for ashes are noted on each urn's product page. Families are invited to read the reviews written by other families who have gone through the same decision-making process to see what they think of the urn. Reviews can give you that very personal reaction that a product description may not say the same way. What did another family think was special or unique about this cremation urn? How did another family feel when they opened the box with this urn for ashes inside? The Black Elegance Brass Urn, for example, has 70+ five star reviews. The Carrera Classic Cultured Marble Urn has 45+ five star reviews. The Sapphire Blue Brass Urn has 30+ five star reviews.