Marble Urns

Marble cremation urns stand the test of time -- conveying strength as you memorialize a loved one. Marble urns can be hewn from genuine stone or "cultured" from crushed stone and resin.

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Marble cremation urns and genuine stone cremation urns are unmatched in durability and timelessness to hold the ashes of a loved one. Our genuine marble urns for ashes are quarried and shaped into incredible vessels with the beautiful marbling only nature can provide. Cultured marble urns are handcrafted to look like marble with a wider range of colors and marbling while offering maximum protection to the ashes inside.

Marble Urns ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a marble cremation urn?

Families take great comfort in the beauty offered by marble urns and the durability of both genuine and cultured marble urns. These urns are a choice for those who seek longevity whether the urn is displayed or buried.

How are cultured marble urns different than genuine marble urns?

Cultured marble cremation urns are man-made -- combining genuine crushed stone with resin poured into a mold. They look similar to real marble and offer extremely high durability and can be sealed with a threaded screw. Cultured marble urns are so durable that they function as an urn as well as a burial vault all in one piece. We are proud to carry many cultured marble urns from respected supplier MacKenzie Vault.

Can I personalize a marble cremation urn with my loved one's name or other details?

Yes! When families want to personalize an urn, the first suggestion of the Stardust Memorials care team is a cultured marble urn. Cultured marble urns can be engraved with text and artwork with a larger flat area to showcase these personal details. Customers are always impressed with the engraving on these urns and how easy they are to read. Genuine marble urns also can be personalized with an urn pendant -- draped around round marble urns -- or a name plate -- affixed to flat-sided marble urns. Each product on the Stardust Memorials website shows its personalization options.

How heavy are marble cremation urns?

A marble urn made of genuine stone and sized for one adult weighs around 14-16 lbs. Cultured marble urns are somewhat lighter ranging from 10-15 lbs for an adult size urn for ashes. The heaviest marble urn offered by Stardust Memorials weighs 25 lbs. and is sized to hold the ashes of two people -- known as a companion urn.