Small cremation urns, also known as keepsake urns or token urns, are often chosen for sharing or remembrance. Small keepsake urns can be mini versions of an adult urn. Many of our metal urns have matching keepsake urns. Small cremation urns also can be their own designs--our most popular are the heart shaped keepsake urns but also star keepsake urns. Lastly, a new style is the tealight keepsake urn which holds a small amount of ashes within a candleholder--the candle can be lit in memory of the loved one. 

How do people use small cremation urns?


Small cremation urns for sharing

Some people select a full size urn and then also place a portion of ashes in the small urns to share with family members--perhaps one each for the three children of the loved one. The full size urn might go in the spouse's home or a columbarium or even be buried, but, in this way, each child has a small “keepsake” of the parent. Some people do not buy the larger urn, but simply divide the ashes into small keepsake urns for each family member or close friend who wants one. 

Small cremation urns for scattering

Other people use small cremation urns so that ashes can be divided and scattered at multiple locations--perhaps the loved one’s hometown, a favorite family vacation spot, or on a lake or ocean they loved? The mini version of the Journey Earthurn is a good choice for people who plan to scatter ashes in several locations.

Small cremation urns for remembrance

Probably the most common use is for a small token amount of ashes to be placed in the keepsake urn so that you can keep the urn close to you. With the smaller size, the keepsake urn is easy to move, transport, and always keep near you. The larger urn can be kept in a designated place (home, columbarium, or cemetery) or the larger amount of ashes may be scattered in a private or public way.

Keepsake urns come in many materials

Keepsake urns are often available in the same materials as the adult urns. At Stardust Memorials, we carry metal and brass keepsake urns, glass keepsake urns, biodegradable keepsake urns, tealight urns, and plan to add ceramic, wood, and marble keepsake urns soon.

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