Adult Urns

Adult urns are cremation urns that hold all of the ashes of one person. Most families selecting an urn require an adult size urn.

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Adult cremation urns are meant to hold the ashes of one person. Cremation urns are often measured in terms of cubic inches with adult size cremation urns holding 180-220 cubic inches.

Adult Size Urns ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Is adult size the right size of cremation urn I need?

An adult urn is the correct size for most family's needs. The ashes of one person are designed to fit inside an adult size urn. The best selection of urns for ashes also is available in this size. You should be able to find an adult size cremation urn in almost any material from metal urns to marble urns. In some cases, a person who was very tall might need an extra large cremation urn.

What are the best urns for ashes for adults?

The selection of adult cremation urns is extensive. The best-selling cremation urns are featured on our most popular cremation urns page. A family favorite is the Claassic Laurel Pewter Cremation Urn in Adult Size with its decorative band and traditional style. In marble, a popular adult size urn is the Carrera Classic Cultured Marble Urn. A more artistic cremation urn available in adult size is the Cadence Hand Blown Glass Urn.

Do I still order an adult size urn if my loved one was extra large?

If your loved one was above average in height, then you may want to size up from the adult size urn for ashes to the extra large urn for ashes. If your loved one was average in height (under 6 foot, 2 inches tall) but perhaps overweight, the adult size is still the correct size.

Is there an average size for a cremation urn?

The adult urn for ashes is considered the average size and typically holds about 200 cubic inches of cremated remains (almost 14 cups). A guideline in the funeral industry is that one pound of weight prior to cremation is equal to one cubic inch of ashes. So, a person who weighed 200 lbs. prior to cremation would need an urn with a 200 cubic inch capacity or slightly larger. It is not necessary to fill an urn "up to the top."