Wooden Urns

Wooden urns offer warm tones and natural beauty to honor a loved one. Today's families often choose wooden urns made of walnut or cedar and appreciate the options to engrave a name and other details on the urn.

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Wooden cremation urns are a traditional choice for funeral urns. Wood urns in a box shape are popular with or without a hinged lid. Cedar urns offer a rustic, natural style in contrast to walnut urns which offer the elegance of fine furniture pieces.

Wooden Urns ~ Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a wooden cremation urn?

Families choose wooden urns because wood is natural and famiiar with attractive wood types, stains, and styles. Oak urns, walnut urns, cherry wood urns and cedar wood urns are popular. For those who appreciate woodworking details, wooden urns can feature beautiful inlay work, dovetail corners, beveled edges and bases, and similar details. Wood engraves nicely for people who want to personalize the cremation urn.

What should I engrave on a wooden cremation urn?

You can engrave a loved one's name, birth and death dates, and terms of endearment such as In Loving Memory or Beloved Father. Wood urns can be directly and permanently engraved with a laser engraving machine. On lighter woods, the engraved areas look darker and are easy to read. In many cases, artwork can be added next to your preferred text. Available artwork ranges from sailboats to military emblems to flowers.

What types of wood are used to make wooden urns?

Many types of wood can be used to make wooden urns including alder, cedar, cherry, oak, walnut, mahoghany, maple and bamboo. A wooden urn with inlays like the Soaring Eagle Wooden Urn use additional exotic woods to create a scene or pattern.

Are your wooden urns made in the USA?

Yes! Many of our wooden urns are made in the USA. The description for each wooden urn will note whether it is made in the USA. All of our cedar urns -- including our collection of cedar wood urns with handmade ceramic tiles -- are made in the USA. We are proud that all flag cases with the matching pedestal urns and display cases also are made in the USA.

How do I care for a wooden cremation urn?

The care and cleaning of a wooden cremation is easy -- just like any wood furniture in your home. Dusting with a basic dust cloth will keep it in good shape. You can use a cloth lightly dampened with a cleaner designed for wood -- such as Murphy's oil soap -- as needed. If you plan to store it, we recommend avoiding moisture and keeping it in a cloth urn storage bag to keep it free of dust. If you plan to bury a wooden urn in the ground, an urn vault is likely to be required by the cemetery.