Memorable water send-offs with the Journey Earthurn Biodegradable Urn

"We were able to float it out easily from the boat in the Gulf of Mexico. His sister and I scattered yellow rose petals into the water too. Everyone seemed to be remembering quietly as the sun set. Having the floating Journey urn was easy and meaningful for our family..."

At Stardust Memorials, we recommend the Journey Earthurn Biodegradable Urn to customers looking for a simple way to disperse ashes on the water, who want to respect our earth, and who want to honor a someone who loved the water, ocean, or beach. Ever tried to scatter ashes from a boat? You can end up with unexpected blowing of ashes onto people or boats, or the dispersal can go so fast that it doesn't feel quite right.

The Journey Earthurn is in our biodegradable cremation urn line--urns for ashes that biodegrade in water quickly and naturally over time. Many biodegrade completely in as little as four hours.

The Journey Earthurn is sturdy--made of mulberry tree bark and some recycled cardboard--yet the envelope shape allows for brief, gentle floating and sinking. The four colors are all nature-inspired.

Where have the Journey Earthurns been used?

We know people who have floated them off the islands of Hawaii, the coasts of Florida, and in the Great Lakes near us.

Unique ways that Journey Earthurns have been used

Writing messages on the Journey Earthurn before setting it adrift. Placing in water and then scattering flower petals, a floral wreath, or Hawaiian leis. Fishing buddies set one Journey Earthurn over the side of the boat after the first fish was caught.

Just a few other popular and beautiful urns for biodegradable water burial include The Shell Urn and the Oceane Sand Footprints Urn.